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X-Men Apocalipsis


The 20th Century Fox’s Apocalypse arrived with his 4 horsemen to end humanity, so, to defeat him, we invited all our mutant community, and those who weren’t, to live a unique experience through our different digital platforms.


Movie premieres for everyone

20th Century Fox advertised their movies within the Fanpage with a number of trailers, images and ticket releases.

The Challenge

Experiencing the movie outside of the cinemas

Create interest around the film, improving the cost of material rendering by increasing the range and performance of the offline campaign actions within different digital platforms.


Victory on the Apocalypse

Thousands of fans wanting to be mutants answered our call to participate in our various social networks. There, they interacted and had fun with our different communications strategies, generating high levels of scope by experiencing the adventure of the film and transforming a blockbuster into a digital victory.