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An amazing and marvelous technology came to Mexico thanks to RadioShack. In order to launch it, we create both a campaign and communication concept to inform our community who loves technology about the arrival of pictures in 360.


Discount catalog

The brand used to communicate its discounts and opportunities through publications on their fan page, which offered a great deal of items instead of focusing on major releases.

The challenge

A new way of understanding their communication

To inform, generate interest and help people fall in love with Ricoh Theta-S’ new technology on photography and videos in 360 degrees.


Success in 360 degrees

We created an object of desire for people who love technology and also for those who don’t. This success shone in the form of the highest participation rate both the fan page and publications have ever had, making it the most successful campaign in reach and video reproductions of its history.

...Kubik utilices such a clear language on all digital subjects in order to help you understand as a client, they also define timely and clearly the objectives and process to follow before, during and after the digital campaign. I really like that they suggest a lot of ideas that we could use without even asking.

Jorge Barajas
Marketing coordinator